PHQ-9 Patient Depression Questionaire

Hi there! Since this questionnaire relies on your feelings and attitudes in answering the items, your results still needs to be verified by a professional, and a definitive diagnosis cannot be made unless an actual one-on-one consultation is made. Thus, if you are not recommended to seek professional help, then it indicates that your current results do not need immediate professional intervention.

Whatever results you get does not necessarily describe your whole psychological health. This exam will only serve as an initial screening for any emotional disturbances and guide you to the kind of help you may need at the moment. Nonetheless, if the symptoms have become disturbing to you and your family to the point that you feel it has already affected your overall level of functioning for atleast two weeks, then we suggest you also seek an appointment with a local mental health professional.

Also, by submitting the data required below, You CONSENT to the collection, generation, use, processing, storage and retention of your personal information and sensitive personal information by the Psychosocial Division of the CSWD office for the purpose of this PHQ9 Test. PLEASE ensure that you have completely read and understood the Data Privacy Notice before submitting. You also authorized the Psychosocial Division to disclose your information to accredited or non-accredited parties.